Use Python to process and analyse survey data

Tally, the enterprise version of Quantipy, opens up the world of Python for survey data professionals.

Tally, or Quantipy Enterprise, is the hosted, commercially supported version of Quantipy, the open-source data processing, analysis and reporting software project.

    1 import tally
    3 ds = tally.DataSet(api_token=[your_token])
    4 ds.use_spss('my_spss_file.sav')   
    5 ds.use_confirmit(api_token)   
    6 ds.use_unicom(mdd_file, ddf_file)
    8 ds.build_powerpoint(
    9    filename='my_powerpoint.pptx',
   10    powerpoint_template='Branded_Template.pptx', 
   11    x=['q1', 'q2', 'q3'], 
   12    y=['gender', 'locality']
   13 )     
    1 var data = new FormData();
    2 data.append("params", 
    3             "{\"x\":[\"q1\"], 
    4             \"y\":[\"gender\"]}");
    5 data.append("spss", 
    6             fileInput.files[0], 
    7             "Example Data (A).sav");
    9 var xhr = new XMLHttpRequest();
   10 xhr.withCredentials = true;
   12 xhr.addEventListener("readystatechange", function() {
   13   if(this.readyState === 4) {
   14       console.log(this.responseText);
   15   }
   16  });
   17"POST", "");
   18  xhr.setRequestHeader("Authorization", "Bearer 352c7586c21119be6439dbe539a0d1003b15eedf");
   20  xhr.send(data);
    1 require "uri"
    2 require "net/http"
    4 url = URI("")
    6 https =, url.port)
    7 https.use_ssl = true
    9 request =
   10 request["Authorization"] = "Bearer [token]"
   11 form_data = [['params', 
   12             '{"x":["q1"], 
   13               "y":["gender"]}'],
   14              ['spss','data.sav')]]
   15 request.set_form form_data, 'multipart/form-data'
   16 response = https.request(request)
   17 puts response.read_body

Use Python for all of your data processing and reporting needs.

Using Tally gives you access to your survey data in Python (or any other programming language, since Tally is a RESTful API).

Tally's thoroughly documented methods include complex logic structures to filter data and derive variables, a RIM weighting algorithm and more.

Add your survey data to your data warehouse

Your data warehouse or data lake should include your survey data.

  • Meta data should be preserved
  • Querying the data and testing for significance should be easy
  • It should handle millions of responses

The Tally API can be hosted in our cloud, your cloud or on premises.

Tally connects directly to most survey software platforms such as Dimensions, Qualtrics, Survey Monkey, QuestionPro, Nebu, and Confirmit. If your platform isn't already supported, we can add it.

Map your workflow - and automate. Modern data science tools and techniques can eliminate repetitive tasks and enables users to spend their time on tasks that matter, like interpreting results and acting on the findings.

Build beautiful data tables. Only a few lines of Python can create highly customised and branded Excel tables with any content you need from weights, to descriptive statistics, to sig-tests.

Automated wave/language reporting. PowerPoint files and Excel tables can be automatically scheduled and emailed to stakeholders. We set it up for you, so it can generate multiple, branded PowerPoint documents in multiple languages - whatever your client is looking for.

Deltapoll Case study: Implementing a modern data pipeline - from raw data to actionable results

  • We help Deltapoll scale up their existing data workflow, relying less on SPSS and more on Python.
  • The result is a rich, automatable, Python based data pipeline.
  • Client-ready deliverables without the tedious manual formatting.
  • Data source agnostic: client can switch data collection suppliers without impacting their workflow.

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