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From market research to results and reports.

Simplify data processing and analysis, generate results, and preparing deliverables whether dashboards, spreadsheets or PowerPoint.

Who uses Datasmoothie?

Market research agencies

As well as intuitive and powerful dashboarding, analysis and reporting tools, Datasmoothie partners enjoy bespoke pricing sheets and free, client-branded example dashboards to make responding to RFPs speedy and effective.

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Research buyers

Getting real, actionable insights from your market research data and combining it with other mission critical data sources, just became much easier. Tame your trackers, integrate survey data with your data pipeline, share insights and more with our suite of tools.

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Our table builder and cross tabulation tool reads SPSS files or connects to your survey platform. Features include a powerful variable-search tool, significance tests, support for live tables, and exports - all in a modern environment.

Datasmoothie's award winning dashboards are web-native and responsive, so they work equally well on the desktop and mobiles. They support a variety of chart types, fine-grained user access control and market research specific features such as hiding results with low bases.

  1 import tally
  3 ds = tally.DataSet(api_token=[your_token])
  4 ds.use_spss('my_spss_file.sav')   
  5 ds.use_confirmit(api_token)   
  6 ds.use_unicom(mdd_file, ddf_file)
  8 ds.build_powerpoint(
  9    filename='my_powerpoint.pptx',
 10    powerpoint_template='Branded_Template.pptx', 
 11    x=['q1', 'q2', 'q3'], 
 12    y=['gender', 'locality']
 13 )     
  1 var data = new FormData();
  2 data.append("params", 
  3             "{\"x\":[\"q1\"], 
  4             \"y\":[\"gender\"]}");
  5 data.append("spss", 
  6             fileInput.files[0], 
  7             "Example Data (A).sav");
  9 var xhr = new XMLHttpRequest();
 10 xhr.withCredentials = true;
 12 xhr.addEventListener("readystatechange", function() {
 13   if(this.readyState === 4) {
 14       console.log(this.responseText);
 15   }
 16  });
 17"POST", "");
 18  xhr.setRequestHeader("Authorization", "Bearer 352c7586c21119be6439dbe539a0d1003b15eedf");
 20  xhr.send(data);
  1 require "uri"
  2 require "net/http"
  4 url = URI("")
  6 https =, url.port)
  7 https.use_ssl = true
  9 request =
 10 request["Authorization"] = "Bearer [token]"
 11 form_data = [['params', 
 12             '{"x":["q1"], 
 13               "y":["gender"]}'],
 14              ['spss','data.sav')]]
 15 request.set_form form_data, 'multipart/form-data'
 16 response = https.request(request)
 17 puts response.read_body

Use our API to automate report and dashboard generation.

Power-users can use tools such as Python Pandas, Javascript, Ruby, or any other language to crunch numbers and then share them with colleagues via our API.

Once a report has been created, our web-based editor can be used to add annotations, analysis or change what types of visualisations are used.

Datasmoothie is a cloud-based software platform that allows users to bring together different sources of data, easily perform statistical analysis and deliver branded dashboards, Excel tables or PowerPoint files.

“We are very excited about Datasmoothie. It grants us access to an entirely new level of production capabilities.”

James Griffiths, Director, Technical Operations at YouGov, a worldwide leader in market research

"A truly fresh and flexible solution to enable the delivery of engaging reports across devices."

Judges panel for the MRS award for technolgy

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