How Datasmoothie helps research buyers

Getting real, actionable insights from your market research data just became a joy. Tame your trackers, integrate survey data with your data pipeline, share insights and more with our suite of tools.

Combine all your research data. Datasmoothie partners with research buyers to combine contemporary and historic research data, whatever the data format, into an homogenous searchable and reportable dataset.

Blend research and other mission critical data sources. Datasmoothie uses modern data science tools and techniques to blend market research data with other enterprise data such as norms, sales and marketing enabling you to get maximum leverage from your research spend.

View your data, your way. Datasmoothie gives you access to intuitive tools that allow you to customise your view of your data.You can then share or interact with that view in the application of your choosing.

Case study:

  • We help the client win deals by providing free demo dashboards.
  • Rapidly deliver interactive, branded, actionable results.
  • Fixed, predictable pricing.
  • Results can be downloaded as PowerPoint files with native Excel charts.

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