About Datasmoothie

Our mission is to make working with data joyful and efficient for everyone, regardless of tech know-how, instead of annoying and laborious.

The founding team

Datasmoothie was founded by a mix of market research veterans and tech entrepreneurs. The five founders have backgrounds in physics, engineering, business and political science and are all major enthusiasts for story-telling with data. One half of the team has been building cloud technology for the past five years and the other half has been working in Market Research for more than ten.


We are based in Reykjavík, Iceland, where three out of five founders hail from and in London's Shoreditch, sometimes referred to as the Silicon Roundabout. The picture above is taken in December in our Reykjavík office, when the city was covered with snow (which is not all that rare). The development team is based in Reykjavík while the others are in London.

The Technology

Datasmoothie is entirely based in the cloud. We are hosted by Microsoft's Azure cloud infrastructure and run servers in both the United States and in Europe. Datasmoothie relies in part on the open source software Quantipy, which was born when we started developing it for YouGov way back in 2012. Quantipy is open source and is still in active development.

Our backers

In February 2015 we were honered to receive a seed investment from Europe's most prestegious early stage investor, Seedcamp. We have also received funding from the Icelandic Technology fund. In December 2016 the Market Research Society announced that Datasmoothie had won the 2016 MRS/ASC award for technology innovation.

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