How we partner with market research agencies

As a Datasmoothie partner, an agency is given clear, tangible benefits that are easily scaled and internally communicated. Custom pricing sheet so that there is no need to ask for pricing for each RFP. Free, branded interactive dashboards to enliven pitches.

Make your response to client RFPs stand out. Datasmoothie partners enjoy free, client-branded interactive example dashboards to help bring your pitch deck to life.

Stop worrying about data formats. Datasmoothie natively understands data from Unicom/Dimensions, Confirmit, Nebu and SPSS. If a reader for your data format doesn’t currently exist, we can make one.

Take the pain out of trackers. Datasmoothie allows you to add waves to existing projects and automatically or manually compare and amend discrepancies.

Automated wave/language reporting. Datasmoothie can use any aspect of your survey metadata to create PowerPoint, Excel and dashboard reports. If you have translations in your metadata then we can automatically generate your reports in multiple languages; if you have a wave or region variable , this can be used to tailor the reporting.

Case study:

  • We help the client win deals by providing free demo dashboards.
  • Rapidly deliver interactive, branded, actionable results.
  • Fixed, predictable pricing.
  • Results can be downloaded as PowerPoint files with native Excel charts.

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