Jealousy, Dishonesty and Skepticism

The affects of social networks on relationships
User: socialnetworksandrelationships • April 29, 2017


This is a study done in 2017 about the affects of social networks on relationship. About 1500 people participated in the survey. It shows that social networks might have negative affects on relationships.


Name Type
How long have you been in a realationship? Category
Gender Category
Social networks take time from my relationship Category
Social networks have been the reason for an argument in my relationship Category
I have seen something on my partners social network that has annoyed me Category
I have experienced distrust towards my partner because of social networks Category
I have suspected my partner has been hiding things from me on social networks Category
I have hidden things from my partner on social networks Category
I think it is important that our relationship is visible on social networks, e.g. Pictures of us, status updates etc. Category
I have experienced jealousy because of something I saw on my partner's social network Category
I have posted something on social media to get the attention of my partner Category
I compare my relationship to other relationships on social media Category
Age Category
Did you meet your partner through a social network? Category
Do you and your partner have rules regarding how you use social networks? Category
Do you share your login to social networks with each other? Category
Have you ever accessed your partner's social network without his/her permission? Category
Have you asked your partner to remove someone from his/her network on a social network? Category
Has your partner ever asked you to remove someone from your network on a social network? Category
Do you have children? Category
Do you and your partner live together? Category
Overall would you say social networks have positive or negative affects on your relationship? Category
Sexual orientation Category
Education Category
How much time do you spend daily on social networks? Category
What is your relationship status on facebook Category Category