Branded dashboards to give you a competitive advantage for your RFP

Market research agencies that partner with Datasmoothie get branded, interactive dashboards to include in their pitches.

Give your pitch an advantage with a branded, interactive dashboard to bring to your meetings. With 48 hours notice the demo dashboard will be whitelabelled for the prospect and will work as well on mobile as it does on the desktop.

Dashboards can export charts to branded PowerPoint slideshows where every chart is a native Excel chart. Filter the dashboard with a variable, hit export, and impress the prospective client with a PowerPoint file that fits their brand identity.

Datasmoothie's dashboards work equally well on desktops and mobiles. Interactive maps can be added to dashboards to highlight regional differences in a client's market.

Case study:

  • We help the client win deals by providing free demo dashboards.
  • Rapidly deliver interactive, branded, actionable results.
  • Fixed, predictable pricing.
  • Results can be downloaded as PowerPoint files with native Excel charts.

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