Datasmoothie for brand trackers

Datasmoothie connects with your survey software, integrates your survey data with your sales and business data, allows you to analyse the results with a modern table explorer and publish the results in interactive mobile-friendly dashboards.

Explore results across different surveys in our modern, web-based table explorer, called Dejuice. Connect to data from Unicom, Confirmit, Nebu or any other provider (or multiple providers), drag your variables into the builder and select the level of significance to test for.

Automated wave/language reporting. PowerPoints and Excel tables can be generated reguarly and automatically emailed to a stakeholder. We can use any aspect of your survey metadata to create PowerPoint, Excel and dashboard reports. If you have translations in your metadata then we can automatically generate your reports in multiple languages.

Allow clients to dive deeper into the data with branded, interactive dashboards. Any variable in the data can be used as a filter, the same dashboard works both on mobile and on the desktop

Case study:

  • We help the client win deals by providing free demo dashboards.
  • Rapidly deliver interactive, branded, actionable results.
  • Fixed, predictable pricing.
  • Results can be downloaded as PowerPoint files with native Excel charts.

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