Manage and automate the survey data workflow

Blender is Datasmoothie's cloud-based environment for data analysis and process automation for survey data and market research.

Generate native, branded PowerPoint documents with a click of a button. First, create a chart specification by selecting your variables and cross-variables. Next, select a variable to filter by if you want more than one file, like "location" or "department" and get dosens of documents in seconds. Once the process has been defined, it can be automatically reused for new waves.

A notebook environment that works out-of-the box with survey data. It features built-in automation of data processing and report generation. RIM weighting, crosstabs, filtered data and everything else a researcher needs at their fingertips.

Automate the data processing workflow with re-usable notebooks. Write notebooks that clean, recode and weight your data and easily reuse them across new waves of data or across clients. As soon as data has been uploaded, data processing and even reporting should automatically have happend.

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